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We are a building handyman company that offers many services involving Handyman work. With experience more than 25 years

Friendly, Flexible, Efficient and Trustworthy - these are the words that describe our Handyman Service and these are the words you'll be using when telling your friends about how we arrived on time, did all the jobs on your 'to do' list, cleaned up after ourselves and charged you fairly and accurately.

A To Z builders has the most experienced in London. In addition most come from professional backgrounds, this means that you are getting a person who has great communication skills, copes well under pressure and understands the value of customer relations.


We make sure that we give the best posssible price to match your needs. Request a qoute now.

Fast & Efficient

With the experience given, we work in a fase pace to get the job done.


We ensure that our customers get 100% satisfaction in the work we make.


Any services we offer, we do want to keep the enviorment healthy.

Our main process

We are a building handyman company that offers many services involving Handyman work. With experience of an over of 10 years


You send us your requirements


We agree on timing, locations and fixed fees.


We send our men to do the job.

Delivery & Satisfaction

We delivery according to your specifcation


We cover all services from A to Z

Bathroom Remodelling

Crafting and modelling a bathroom includes changing according to your specification, we also can intervene and give our input.

Doors & Windows

We do door and window installation of every kind, contact our team with intial measurements to get your job by our team.


We can fix any issues that around this services including pipe amendment, Urinal blocking and toilet installation.


We fix as well as do fitting. We cover majority of services in this field from installing electric showers to fixing or managing cables

Double Glazing

We fit double glazing windows on vareity of door & window types


Select your design and material, we'll ensure that a quality service is provided


A rapid service using the best technology to deal with drywalling, we even offer to fix any damaged wallpapers.

Floor Installation and repair

Our flooring services London are amongst the most popular in the local area because we offer design flair, a wide range of options, and precise and careful floor installation.

Painting & Staining

We can ensure that painting can be provided to rooms, doors and other material. Choose your paint colour and we handle the rest.

House Maintenance

We offer a grand variety of sub services which involves Handyman services such as TV installation, furniture migration and more.


As we have a team that are an expert in remodelling, we can offer the wow factor in our work.

Our Operations

We aim to provide our services alongside the London region. We do also offer services across England and Wales.

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Service Request Note

Please ensure you specify maximum detail of the service you want, this allows us to give feedback in terms of pricing.

Location of where the job will be taken place is also important, we serve around London and Yorkshire. Check out Privacy Policy in terms of keeping your information integrity.

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To get an immediate response, you can use the contact details below to get in touch

Tel: 078 5230 4134